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Client Success Stories

Premium condiments for Italian pasta dishes

We started working with Nord Salse in 2019. Their pesto, tomato sauces and spreadable creams follow truly exceptional standards. Italian cuisine has become one of the everyday choices of Japanese consumers. There are thousands of Italian restaurants in the country. Local supermarkets sell pasta sauces in many different flavours, and the range is getting broader...

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League of the Legends: Zwack and Kokubu

We are proud that we could match two family legends—the Kokubu family and the Zwack family. Unicum is a Hungarian herb liquor that has been created by the Zwack family, and it has been produced and distributed for more than 200 years.  Kokubu is one of the largest Japanese food and beverage importers and distributors...

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Italian Tomato Products to the Japanese Market

In 2017, we started working with SAC SpA (Societa’ Alimentari Carmagnolese) to build a market in Japan.  SAC is one of the largest Italian canned tomato manufacturers.  They are very customer oriented and have been serving many major retail chains all around Europe.  Their product line-up is very versatile, and distributors can choose from a...

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Finding franchise partners in Asia (non-food sector)

Although most of our projects are in the food sector, we are also open to other segments where we have sufficient background and network. The FlyVision system is a Hungarian invention.  Showcases built with this technology make the object inside them seem to levitate in the air.  It is not only a patented technology that...

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Japanese Craft Beer to Hong Kong

Japanese food products have become extremely popular in leading developed Asian economies such as Hong Kong.  Large Japanese companies and their brands have a massive market there, and this trend generates further demand for even the newest niche products. Our local food and beverage import partner in Hong Kong is always looking for new and...

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Introducing Japanese Sake to the Swedish Market

We are proud that as a result of the hard work of our team of professionals, one of the most progressive sake brands from Akita Prefecture started and continues selling in the Swedish market.  Back in 2014 Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery’s product was chosen as the winner of a nigori (cloudy) sake tender in Sweden. ...

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