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TOO International was created as a fully-integrated solution to bridge the gap between Western food and beverage products and Japanese demand.

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European roots. Japanese experience

TOO International leverages its deep European roots and profound experience in Japan to provide a fully-integrated solution for growing your sales in the Japanese market—all under one single touchpoint.


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Our Story

TOO International was born to fulfill the massive demand in the Japanese market for international food and beverage products.

While the opportunity was ever-present, there were relatively few brands ready to capitalize on it. And those that tried struggled to navigate agents, consultants, market-entry specialists, and importers who could only provide support in one facet of the process.

TOO International’s leadership had a profound understanding of Western brands, the Japanese market, and the common sticking points foreign brands encounter when trying to do business there.

Built on a foundation of this expertise and experience, TOO International set out to provide brands with the fully-integrated solution and support they need--but couldn’t find elsewhere--to successfully grow their sales in the Japanese market.

Since then, TOO International’s proprietary process and on-site team have helped many brands to grow and retain a profitable local sales funnel in Japan.

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What our clients are saying

"TOO International has been an immense help for us to gain terrain on the Japanese market. They have been there with us through all the negotiations and kept us carrying on when we felt lost. We have gained several serious Japanese accounts, customers purchasing from us regularly, and companies that have become returning partners."

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Csaba Molnar
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“We have worked with TOO International from our first steps in the Japanese market. Their solid professional network and deep knowledge of Japanese business practices have brought great results for our business development goals. I recommend working with TOO International if you want to improve your business opportunities in Japan.”

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Antal Bajzak
CEO, Lourdes Honey Ltd.
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Find out whether expanding to Japan is right for your business.

Meet The Team


Marton Lendvai


Marton has spent the last 15 years developing and managing international businesses as a European professional in Japan. His experience ranges from managing billion-dollar-scale investments at a leading Japanese financial institution to scaling a localized start-up venture to about 150 employees. Currently, his main focus is on introducing consumer brands to the Japanese market by managing the operations of TOO International Co., Ltd.


Miyuki Murase

Food Coordinator

Ms. Murase is a sommelier, an award-winning world-class cheese expert, and a Japanese and international food and hospitality specialist. Through her vast experience, she can apply new ideas into practice and transform overseas concepts to fit the Japanese consumer culture effectively and quickly.


Satoshi Ishikawa

Distributor Marketing & Sales

Satoshi has deep expertise in Japanese food and beverage marketing. Before joining TOO International, he managed sales for premium channels of a leading domestic ice cream brand for five years. He also has experience in local food retail and promotions, enhancing his skills in customer engagement.

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