February 3, 2022

Victoria Organic Tomatoes to Become Available in Japanese Supermarkets

The premium Japanese supermarket chain Shell Garden (part of Seven & i Holdings) introduced...

The premium Japanese supermarket chain Shell Garden (part of Seven & i Holdings) introduced chopped and whole peeled Victoria organic tomato products into its stores in December 2021. The products are available to Japanese consumers in the Tokyo metropolitan area. This is the first time that the Italian brand has participated in Japanese retail.

In less than a year, SAC S.p.A., Kokubu Group and TOO International developed premium organic tomato products for the Japanese market and made them locally available. The organic tomatoes were cultivated by a contract farmer from South Italy. Only the ripest tomatoes were selected to create a naturally sweet and dense flavour that is ideal for Italian dishes.

Shell Garden dedicated a separate column to Victoria tomatoes on their webpage (you can find it here: https://www.garden.co.jp/store/ikebukuro/2022/01/post-451.html). The webpage includes photos and product information, such as the absence of citric acid, taste profile and harvest time, to inform consumers.

While the products of SAC S.p.A., the largest Italian tomato manufacturer, were already available in the Japanese HORECA segment, the company is now planning to introduce additional authentic Italian tomato products into retail outlets.

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