May 18, 2021

3 Proven Ways Your Wine Label Can Make an Impact in Japan

Japan is one of the largest wine importers in the world. Competition is cutthroat, and labels in...

Japan is one of the largest wine importers in the world. Competition is cutthroat, and labels in foreign languages can be problematic for locals to read. Here are three proven ways to make an impact with your wine label in Japan.

#1 – Show your awards

The Sakura Award is the most followed wine competition in Japan and is open to producers of overseas wines. Many winners display the award logo on their labels. Not only does this look cool, but it also generates consumer trust in the brand. Knowing that a locally acknowledged expert has rated the product very highly can significantly influence consumers’ purchase decisions, particularly when comparing your brand with that of a rival.

#2 – Use a local story

Always check that your story makes sense to locals. Humour and design are only effective if the target audience understands them. When the importer of Torre Oria’s Red Blend decided to carry the product, they undoubtedly made sure that the story of Little Red Riding Hood resonated well with the local consumers.

#3 – Add guidance

Japan has its own food culture, and wine is not a traditional beverage item. It is advisable to add localised instructions on food pairing on the label as well as tasting notes or any other important information needed to enjoy the product.

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