Sell food products in Japan
with On-Site Management Services

Japanese Market Expansion
TOO International’s on-site team helps European food manufacturers develop continuous sales in Japan and establish long-term positions for their brands in the Japanese market.

About On-Site Management Services

On-Site management includes all on-the-ground business activities that are necessary to support and grow your local sales.

management services

Local Availability
From Day 1

Our team and local infrastructure makes our on-site management services immediately available for your project in Japan. We can start working with you as soon as you want, with flexible scheduling and setup conditions as your products and goals make it necessary.

Benefits of On-Site Management Services


Good Partnerships


Good Brand Image


More Sales

You can adjust and reduce your costs

Your On-Site Management Team Acts on Your Behalf




Our References

We helped European producers generate more than

€10 million

in sales in Asia in the past

3 years

Companies and Brands We Work With

Italy’s leading tomato processing company

Hungary’s oldest (200 years+) liquor brand

Nord Salse Logo

Premium Italian sauce producer

European dried vegetables company

Large-scale honey maker and packager

… and others

Why Japan?

European food is widely popular
European Cuisine in Japanese Foodservice
More than 15,000 Italian and French style restaurants in Japan
(Source: NTT Townpage)

About 1,500 Spanish style restaurants etc all over the country
(Source: Tabelog listing)

About 1,300 Western style pubs across the country
(Source: Tabelog listing)

Countless Opportunities in Japanese Retail

55,000 convenience stores and 8,000 supermarkets
(Source: Japan Franchise Association, National Supermarket Association of Japan)

About 10,000 bread shops or bakeries in Japan
(Source: NTT Townpage)

More than 12,000 cake shops, patisseries etc. all over the country
(Source: NTT Townpage)

Developed and sophisticated food market
226 restaurants with Michelin star rating in Tokyo,  the highest number in the world
(Source: MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2020 Selection,
More than 15,000 Italian and French style restaurants in Japan
(Source: NTT Townpage)
233,000 bars and 69,000 café shops across the country Source:, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
2019 EU-Japan EPA Eliminates Tariffs
It affects
of goods imported from the EU.
EU exporters to save
€1 billion
in customs duties per year.

Cheese is one of the focus product segments for which tariff duties have been a target of reduction.

Wine can be imported FREE of tariff since day one.

Chocolate and other processed agricultural products, such as pasta, confectionery, starch derivatives or tomato sauce are also in the focus of the tariff reduction agreement. 
(Source: NTT Townpage)

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