Sell more in Japan with customised local services

TOO International’s professional services help European food manufacturers develop continuous sales in Japan and establish long-term positions for their brands in the Japanese market.

Winning solution for the Japanese market

The TOO International Platform

TOO International offers sales, marketing, management and representation through delegation to our on-site local team who works on your behalf. Our services can be customised to your needs and provide all the necessary work functions to meet the needs of Japanese distributors.

Enter a Sophisticated Market

Gain entry to a developed and large homogenous market. Delegation to local experts increases sales potential.

Get More

Japanese distributors want more local involvement. Conventional export sales practices do not provide this.

Control and Increase Profitability

Keep control over your brand and increase your profitability. Local management and representation on your behalf strenghtens your business.

Growing European Exports to Japan

Japan is dependent on imported food and the 2019 free trade agreement with the EU gives European suppliers competitive advantage.


We helped European producers generate more than

€10 million

in sales in Asia in the past

3 years

Most recent results in Japan

Italy’s leading tomato processing company

Country management, product and brand introduction to the Japanese market

Hungary’s oldest (200 years+) liquor brand

Representation and establishing partnershipwith one of Japan’s largest and oldest food importer and distributor (300 years+)

Large-scale honey maker and packager

Setting up distribution and marketing

Leading Hungarian wine brands

Representation and market development for Sauska, MAD Wine, Bognar

European dried vegetables company

Setting up new distribution channels and setting up new product development

Your Team

Marton Lendvai, MBA


Sandor Timar

Project Manager

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