Japanese Craft Beer to Hong Kong

Japanese food products have become extremely popular in leading developed Asian economies such as Hong Kong.  Large Japanese companies and their brands have a massive market there, and this trend generates further demand for even the newest niche products.

Our local food and beverage import partner in Hong Kong is always looking for new and interesting products.  One of our most successful placements was a craft beer product from Hokkaido.  Abashiri Beer is located in the Northernmost part of Japan, and they have an exciting beer product line-up.  They also make naturally colored beers among which the Ohkotsk Blue is one of the coolest ones.

Although Hong Kong is closer to Japan than Western countries and it is one of the well-known trading destinations, setting up a new account and launching a new product is always a challenge.  This time we were representing the Hong Kong buyer in Japan and managed the necessary information for marketing and trading procedures.