Italian Tomato Products to the Japanese Market

In 2017, we started working with SAC SpA (Societa’ Alimentari Carmagnolese) to build a market in Japan.  SAC is one of the largest Italian canned tomato manufacturers.  They are very customer oriented and have been serving many major retail chains all around Europe.  Their product line-up is very versatile, and distributors can choose from a wide range of packaging solutions too.  SAC is also open to collaborations to develop unique products matched to the particular requirements of the distributor.  In addition to products with private labels, SAC has its own brand called Victoria and serves the catering segment as well. Becoming successful and popular in so many market segments has been possible by focusing on high quality and natural Italian ingredients, using state of the art processing methods and always maintaining high-level quality management.

Although SAC did not have much prior experience in Asian markets, their experience building a strong presence in the European markets made our work easier.  The owners and managers understand that every market is different and satisfying the needs of the local users and distributors may take time.  This type of user-centric thinking gave much flexibility when it came to localizing the products and finding solutions for new potential users.  The company management’s long-term approach gave us enough time to formulate our strategies and plans.  Although the results did not make us wait, the learning process is long, and you always have to make efforts to improve your products and services.