Introducing Japanese Sake to the Swedish Market

We are proud that as a result of the hard work of our team of professionals, one of the most progressive sake brands from Akita Prefecture started and continues selling in the Swedish market.  Back in 2014 Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery’s product was chosen as the winner of a nigori (cloudy) sake tender in Sweden.  In recent years sake is getting more attention and popularity not only in New York, London or Paris but all around the world.

Most of the Northern European countries have a tendering system to find the best products for their retail channels.  Keeping up with the trends and also serving the savviest consumers, there are more and more tenders for sake products in Sweden.

The Swedish tendering process is very strict.  There is a scoring system that not only includes the results of a blind tasting evaluation but may also consider the originality of the packaging.  In addition to the difficulties of getting your product on the shelves, there is constant checking on the quality and documentation even years after the product launch.

Since March 2, 2015, Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery’s Akita Fuji Nigori has been continuously selling.  Currently, about 200 Systembolaget stores have the product on their shelves.  In order to achieve this result, we have been consistently providing and managing necessary information not only to local users but to our local importer and marketing partner.  This approach and teamwork have made it possible to develop the market and find new opportunities.

In December 2017 Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery’s second product got on Systembolaget’s shelves.  With X3 Junmai, Kinmon became the only Japanese sake brewery with two products in Swedish retail.

Continuous efforts of tender applications, timely and localized information management, educating users and managers have been our key to success.