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Download our recent report on the growing Japanese chocolate market for free

Executive Summary Japanese chocolate consumption is showing a growth trend, which is driven by a wide consumer base that can afford to purchase premium products on a daily basis. Competition is strong as global and local brands are aggressively investing in marketing to ensure their products reach the right segments. In 2018, the total sales...

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How COVID-19 affected retail food segments in Japan recently?

Now it may be an excellent time to promote your brand in Japanese retail if you are in the business of selling alcoholic beverages, pasta or cooking oil. According to the results of the latest household consumption survey, in May Japanese households consumed about 25% more of the food items mentioned above than the same...

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What will happen with the globalisation of the food market after Covid-19?

In recent days and months, almost everyone has been thinking about the changes and effects Covid-19 will bring into our lives, including growing interest in the future of the economy and particular industries. The unprecedented emergency measures restricting the mobility of people and goods have raised the question: How will the coronavirus affect globalisation? Globalisation...

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