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Victoria organic tomato products in Japanese retail

Victoria Organic Tomatoes to Become Available in Japanese Supermarkets

The premium Japanese supermarket chain Shell Garden (part of Seven & i Holdings) introduced chopped and whole peeled Victoria organic tomato products into its stores in December 2021. The products are available to Japanese consumers in the Tokyo metropolitan area. This is the first time that the Italian brand has participated in Japanese retail. In...

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plant-based milk products in Japan

What makes the plant-based milk boom in Japan different?

Plant-based alternative food is a fast-growing segment around the world. According to the Good Food Institute in the US, plant-based milk was the largest food product category by sales value within the plant-based food segment in 2020. The Japanese Almond Milk Laboratory noted a 34% increase in the sales volumes of almond milk last year. Alternative milk products made...

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Key merchandising practices of Japanese convenience store chains

Anyone who has visited Japan will have encountered local convenience store chains. Even during a short trip to the country, it is almost impossible to miss them. There are more than 56,000 convenience stores across Japan, most of them operated by one of the following three large retailers: Seven-Eleven Japan, Lawson, or Family Mart. Stores...

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Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

Japan’s Truffle Boom Has Reached A New Level

Alongside foie gras and caviar, truffle is one of the top three so-called delicacies of the world. In Japan, caviar was the height of vogue a few decades ago. Foie gras took up that mantle more recently but likely reached its peak a few years ago. These days, the truffle is booming in Japan and...

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maritozzo Tokyo boom

What is the latest food craze in Japan? Maritozzo!

When you walk down the streets of downtown Tokyo, and you hear local salarymen talking about maritozzo, you know that maritozzo is big in Japan. This cream-filled sweet bun first originated in Rome, Italy. But today, if you walk into a café or a pastry shop in Tokyo, there is a good chance that you...

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4 reasons why Zwack’s Unicum could become the next success story in Japan

Unicum, the national drink of Hungary, made of more than forty different herbs and spices, has always been an exciting choice for tourists visiting the country. Besides Hungary, Unicum is historically popular in Italy, where production took place from the ’70s, and also in Germany, where a strategic partner played a key role in re-establishing...

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cheese experts Japan

Top-Level Cheese Experts in Japan?

Cheese might not be the food item that you would imagine as a part of a meal in Japan. However, both the popularity and the level of sophistication of cheese products are growing continuously in the country. Western food has also become an essential part of local food culture. French and Italian food are everyday...

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How You Can Sell Commodity Food Items as Successful Brands in Japan

Bananas are sold as a commodity in most parts of the world. How is it possible to differentiate this seemingly simple, standard product to sell more of it? Dole and Seven Premium are two successful brands selling bananas in Japan, and Tanabe Noen is a Japanese brand also sold by Lawson or ANA. Here is...

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3 Proven Ways Your Wine Label Can Make an Impact in Japan

Japan is one of the largest wine importers in the world. Competition is cutthroat, and labels in foreign languages can be problematic for locals to read. Here are three proven ways to make an impact with your wine label in Japan.   #1 – Show your awards The Sakura Award is the most followed wine...

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Download our recent report on the growing Japanese chocolate market for free

Executive Summary Japanese chocolate consumption is showing a growth trend, which is driven by a wide consumer base that can afford to purchase premium products on a daily basis. Competition is strong as global and local brands are aggressively investing in marketing to ensure their products reach the right segments. In 2018, the total sales...

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How COVID-19 affected retail food segments in Japan recently?

Now it may be an excellent time to promote your brand in Japanese retail if you are in the business of selling alcoholic beverages, pasta or cooking oil. According to the results of the latest household consumption survey, in May Japanese households consumed about 25% more of the food items mentioned above than the same...

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What will happen with the globalisation of the food market after Covid-19?

In recent days and months, almost everyone has been thinking about the changes and effects Covid-19 will bring into our lives, including growing interest in the future of the economy and particular industries. The unprecedented emergency measures restricting the mobility of people and goods have raised the question: How will the coronavirus affect globalisation? Globalisation...

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