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What will happen with the globalisation of the food market after Covid-19?

In recent days and months, almost everyone has been thinking about the changes and effects Covid-19 will bring into our lives, including growing interest in the future of the economy and particular industries. The unprecedented emergency measures restricting the mobility of people and goods have raised the question: How will the coronavirus affect globalisation? Globalisation...

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Why is it a myth that good products sell themselves?

People often say that good products need no marketing because they “sell themselves”. This is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted conceptions, because it is simply not true. It is nothing more than a myth. Even if we ignore the definition of the word “marketing” and look at the expression itself, it makes very...

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Japanese Food in the West: A Continuing Growth Story

In any major city in Japan, you can find Western cuisine of the same level and quality as in its homeland.  You will also find the most Michelin-star restaurants in Tokyo, and in international pizza-making contests, Japanese chefs continually rank among the top contestants.  In the past few years, it has also become popular among...

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Be Prepared For A Different Timeline

Starting business between Europe and Asia may take a long time but it is worth the patience Recently one of our projects reached an important milestone.  The first container of beverage (a very well-known brand in its home country) arrived in Japan, and official distribution has started. It is also important to know that getting...

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