Finding franchise partners in Asia (non-food sector)

Although most of our projects are in the food sector, we are also open to other segments where we have sufficient background and network.

The FlyVision system is a Hungarian invention.  Showcases built with this technology make the object inside them seem to levitate in the air.  It is not only a patented technology that is licensed globally, but the franchiser also provides a complete package of application know-how to its franchise partners.

We got to know FlyVision when we were preparing for a food industry trade show, and our team wanted to have something special to display certain food products.  This inquiry quickly turned into a new business relationship and then a new project.  The franchiser was looking for exclusive and reliable franchise partners in Asia in the long term.

We managed to find and establish partnerships for Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  Later the Japanese franchise partner has set up its own production capacities as well.  We are happy that sales and manufacturing have been continuing for several years.